Many dataset operations are available through the indexing interface, which is aliased to the functional interface. Below describes the functional interface.

create_dataset(parent, path, datatype, dataspace; properties...)


  • parent - File or Group
  • path - String describing the path of the dataset within the HDF5 file or nothing to create an anonymous dataset
  • datatype - Datatype or Type or the dataset
  • dataspace - Dataspace or Dims of the dataset
  • properties - keyword name-value pairs set properties of the dataset


There are many keyword properties that can be set. Below are a few select keywords.

  • chunk - Dims describing the size of a chunk. Needed to apply filters.
  • filters - AbstractVector{<: Filters.Filter} describing the order of the filters to apply to the data. See Filters
  • external - Tuple{AbstractString, Intger, Integer} (filepath, offset, filesize) External dataset file location, data offset, and file size. See API.h5p_set_external.

Additionally, the initial create, transfer, and access properties can be provided as a keyword:

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