Low Level Functionality

Low level functionality

FFMPEG log level

FFMPEG's built-in logging and warning level can be read and set with

VideoIO.loglevel! โ€” Function.


Set FFMPEG log level. Options are:

  • VideoIO.AVUtil.AV_LOG_INFO
VideoIO.loglevel โ€” Function.

loglevel() -> String

Get FFMPEG log level as a variable name string.


FFMPEG interface

Each ffmpeg library has its own VideoIO subpackage:

libavcodec    -> AVCodecs
libavdevice   -> AVDevice
libavfilter   -> AVFilters
libavformat   -> AVFormat
libavutil     -> AVUtil
libswscale    -> SWScale

The following three files are related to ffmpeg, but currently not exposed:

libswresample -> SWResample
libpostproc   -> PostProc   (not wrapped)

After importing VideoIO, you can import and use any of the subpackages directly

import VideoIO
import SWResample  # SWResample functions are now available

Note that much of the functionality of these subpackages is not enabled by default, to avoid long compilation times as they load. To control what is loaded, each library version has a file which imports that's modules files. For example, ffmpeg's libswscale-v2 files are loaded by VideoIO_PKG_DIR/src/ffmpeg/SWScale/v2/LIBSWSCALE.jl.

Check these files to enable any needed functionality that isn't already enabled. Note that you'll probably need to do this for each version of the package for ffmpeg, and that the interfaces do change some from version to version.

Note that, in general, the low-level functions are not very fun to use, so it is good to focus initially on enabling a nice, higher-level function for these interfaces.